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Yes, I eat lunch with my students.

“Mrs. Skiles, I didn’t have time to complete my work because I am a day user.”   “We do not have Wi-Fi at my house, so my assignment is not complete” As a 1:1 Apple iPad School District the assumption is that all students have access to a device so completion rates should increase.  The assumption is true if all students truly did have equal access to devices and equal access to a Wi-Fi network. “Day-User” a term used for a student who turns in the iPad at the end of the day and pick it up at the beginning day.  If a “day-user” student does not complete an assignment in the amount of time given in class, there is no “complete this for homework.”   For a student who does not have Wi-Fi at home, the same is true unless the assignment can be downloaded to the iPad and accessed offline. There are multiple reasons for a student to be a “day-user.”  Majority of the reason do not have anything to do with the student, it is a decision by the parents or other circumstances. Even

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